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Easter warning to keep dogs away from chocolate eggs

Chester has recovered after eating a Kinder Surprise. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Vets are warning that pets should be kept away from Easter Eggs because chocolate is the main cause of poisoning in dogs.

In a recent incident in Northampton, Chester the Spaniel's owners feared the worst when a lump was found in his stomach.

But they had not realised he was ill because he had swallowed a chocolate 'Kinder Surprise' egg and had the plastic toy stuck in his belly.

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When Chester the dog recently fell ill his owners got a surprise when they found out what was inside him.

The eight year old Cocker Spaniel had managed to swallow a well known brand of chocolate egg at the family's home in Northampton.

Rebecca Harding, Chester's owner, said: “We were really worried. When we found out what the actual issue was, after we’d got over the shock of it, it’s caused a lot of laughter that it was a Kinder toy.

"It does make you worry about the effect that it has on your dog. Fortunately he’s well.”

The plastic toy was removed from Chester's stomach. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Easter is second only to Christmas for cases of chocolate poisoning in dogs.

The plastic shell and toy was an added complication. The local vet were able to successfully operate to remove it.

Rachel Whalley, Veterinary surgeon, said: “Eating any kind of toy is extremely dangerous for a dog.

"It can get stuck in the intestines and cause a lot of issues, but of course with it being Easter chocolate is something we see, both Easter and Christmas, very commonly at Pets Northampton.

"It’s extremely concerning for dogs, it can cause seizures in the worst case scenarios but even hyper-excitability, heart issues as well."

Chester is recovering after being treated at a local vets. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Chester probably hasn't learnt his lesson, but now his owners hope to restrict him to dog treats rather than chocolate eggs that include a nasty surprise for his insides.

Chocolate is the main cause of poisoning in dogs. Credit: ITV News Anglia