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Norwich girl able to walk after pioneering surgery in America

Victoria was born with legs which bent backwards. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A 3-year-old girl from Norwich who was born with legs which bent backwards is now able to walk thanks to pioneering surgery in America.

Victoria Komada's parents were told by doctors in England she would have to have her legs amputated.

But thanks to a huge fundraising effort the couple have been able to pay for an operation to correct her condition.

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Like any little girl 3-year-old Victoria Komada is fast running out of space for her collection of shoes.

They are though still a novelty for Victoria who faced a double amputation after being born with deformed legs. A one in a million condition called bilateral tibial hemimelia.

Mum Marzena Drusewicz said: “The doctor in Norwich he said to us, she's not going to walk, the better way is for her is to amputate both legs.”

The family raised £180,000 for her operation. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Determined to prove the doctors here wrong they searched the internet and found a surgeon in the USA who could save Victoria's legs and enable her to walk.

That though came at a price. £180,000 was raised by family and friends in Norwich and Poland for the procedure.

Marzena said: “Before the operation we got the appointment with the doctor and he said to us what he's going to do. I still was scared. I still was scared until Victoria started walking."

The operation was a success, repairing the deformity in one leg and replacing the other with a prosthetic.

Her parents were told by doctors in England she would have to have her legs amputated. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"When I look at Victoria I always can't believe it she's walking because it's something strange, something new so when every time I look at her inside I'm so so happy," said Marzena.

As she grows her mum and dad have been told they can expect a normal range of movement and plenty more shoes