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Beer-mad Grandad visits 50,000 pubs

This beer-mad Grandad has visited more than 50,000 pubs in the UK, taking in 42,000 pints along the way.

Bruce Masters from Flitwick, Bedfordshire, started logging pubs when he was 15, and he now visits around 1,000 every year. That's 20 a week.

Since he retired he visits pubs in two different towns and cities every week.

People do take an interest, especially if you come in as a stranger, they start talking to you. You do meet some nice people along the way, and some nice publicans too.

– Bruce Masters

His first pint cost a shilling, that's 12p.

Bruce says he has no plans to slow down, despite his daughters urging him to take it easy.

He's now visited more pubs (51,695) in his life than the number currently open in the UK (39,000)