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Up to 50 planes a day prepare for take off at bottom of Southend gardens

The view from the Carr's house Credit: ITV Anglia

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Residents in Southend have complained that up to 50 planes per day prepare to take off - at the bottom of their gardens.

London Southend Airport has built a new taxi-way strip right behind a row of houses on Wells Avenue. Angry occupants, like Alex and June Carr, said that the jets emit unacceptable levels of noise and fumes.

Wells Avenue, Southend Credit: ITV Anglia

"We can taste it sometimes, if the wind is prevailing in our direction. I think it's unacceptable. [The airport] was used for cargo when we first moved here. The passenger service had moved to the likes of Luton and Stansted. The busiest the airport had ever been was a passenger service of 600,000 in 1966."

– Alex Carr

Alex said the taxiing problem got worse after Ryanair started flying from Southend at the beginning of April.

Southend Airport hopes to triple the number of it's flights over the next few years. The increase in air traffic has lead to airport building the new taxiing strip.

Last year, Southend Airport handled up to 1,480,139 passengers (up 34 percent from 2014). However, the airport has plans to increase passenger numbers to 5 million by 2022.

"Southend airport is taking advantage of the paralysis about building another airport at Heathrow. Whether its Brexit, whether its Tory voting constituencies, whatever the reason...there's no sign of movement at Heathrow, which means expansion has to happen somewhere."

– Simon Calders, Travel Expert
The Carr's attempting to enjoy peace and quiet in their garden Credit: ITV Anglia