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Rise in crime across the East

Violent crime up in our region Photo: ITV Anglia

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New crime figures have been released which show there has been a rise in the levels of recorded crime across the region.

The East saw an 8% rise in the numbers of recorded crime, with Bedfordshire Police seeing the biggest rise of 20%. Essex Police reported a rise of 16%.

There was a decline in the number of knife crimes recorded last year across the region with a 19% in the number of reported crimes involving a knife. The biggest fall was in Cambridgeshire which saw a drop of 24%.


  • East of England - 468, 421 (8% rise compared to 2017)
  • Norfolk - 58,972 (6% rise)
  • Suffolk - 54,124 (3% rise)
  • Essex - 151, 103 (16% rise)
  • Northamptonshire - 58,432 (7% rise compared to 2017)
  • Bedfordshire - 55,173 (20% rise)
  • Hertfordshire - 85,371 (4% rise)
  • Cambridgeshire - 63,678 (4% drop)

Essex Police are being given extra funding to tackle serious violent crime within the county.

The force announced the £1.5 million boost as new figures released today show violent crime is on the rise in England and Wales.

Essex Police say the money would be used to help tackle street violence and knife crime.

We will use the additional money throughout the next year to further support our activity, which will be focused in identified violent crime hotspots, the targeting of habitual knife carriers and acting on community intelligence.

We will also intensify our efforts to disrupt and dismantle criminal street gangs causing violence in our communities.

– Paul Wells, Assistant Chief Constable, Essex Police

Since 2015, 47,715 knives and weapons have been put into Essex's Only Cowards Carry bins outside police stations.

More than 4,280 were put into the bins between January and March this year.

National figures show the number of homicides in England and Wales rose to the highest number in a decade - 732.

The figures, released by the Office for National Statistics show that the number of homicides last year was at its highest since 2007 - when there were 765.

Police also reported offences involving knives or sharp instruments were up by 6% in 2018 compared with the previous year.

The figures come after a spate of knife crimes involving young people triggered a row over cuts to police funding.

The number of violent offences against people was more than 1,608,500 last year a 19% increase on 2017.

The rise in homicides, which includes murders and manslaughter, stood at 6%.