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Luton-based airline easyJet bans sale of nuts on flights

Passengers will no longer be able to buy nuts on easyJet flights. Credit: PA

The Luton-based airline easyJet has banned the sale of nuts on its flights.

The low-cost carrier will also stop passengers bringing any products containing nuts on to their planes if there is a customer with an allergy on board.

Passengers with allergies will be able to notify the airline when they book.

Many airlines still cannot guarantee a nut-free environment, but easyJet has decided to take the step in order to protect customers.

"The safety and welfare of all of our customers and crew is our highest priority so we have a number of procedures in place to assist customers travelling with a nut allergy," an easyJet spokesperson said.

"We ask that any customers with a nut allergy notify us ahead of travel and we will request that other passengers travelling on the flight do not consume any products containing nuts that they have brought with them onboard.

"We have also stopped the sale of peanuts onboard and will be removing the last product from our inflight range which contains nuts in the coming months."