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Damages for woman who has double mastectomy after medics tell her 'cancer was benign'

Claire Radcliffe Photo: ITV Anglia

One of the leading cancer hospitals in Britain missed the disease in a 22 year old woman who went on to have a double mastectomy.

Claire Radcliffe, from Newmarket, has agreed a six figure pay out from Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge after she was wrongly reassured the lump in her breast was benign.

The hospital says it's extremely sorry and that improvements have been made as Natalie Gray reports :

Claire Radcliffe, from Newmarket, was 22 when she found a lump in her breast. She was given the all-clear and told the lump was benign following a scan at Addenbrookes in Cambridge.

After experiencing more problems months later, her GP sent her back to the hospital, when doctors found something far more sinister.

Claire's letter from Addenbrookes Credit: ITV Anglia

The tumour, which had measured just 10mm at the first scan, was now 10cm and had spread to her lymph nodes.

It's a mistake which could have cost Claire her life.

Claire's first scan Credit: ITV Anglia

Claire's solicitor, Janine Collier from Tees Law , says that her young age was a factor - because women aged under 30 aren't routinely offered a biopsy on lumps.

Seven years after the error Claire has agreed a six-figure payout from the hospital trust.

Addenbrookes prides itself in being one of the leading cancer care specialist services in the UK, seeing more than 4,000 new adult patients a year.

In a statement they said:

"As a dedicated cancer treatment hospital we acknowledge this case and are extremely sorry. It is not an outcome we would have wished."

– Addenbrookes spokesperson
Claire Radcliffe during chemotherapy Credit: Claire Radcliffe

Claire though is positive about the future - she hopes to have a family one day - but she knows because of the error the cancer may well come back.

Claire is urging women to get checked Credit: ITV Anglia

But she says that shouldn't stop people getting themselves checked - breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the uk with one person diagnosed every 10 minutes.