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Anglia Weather: A cool and bright start, but heavy thunder showers will develop later

Thornham Photo: David Bradley


A bright start with sunny spells, but scattered heavy, and perhaps thundery, showers will arrive during the morning and afternoon, Cloud will increase later. Southerly winds will freshen, perhaps becoming strong on coasts. Maximum temperature 18 deg C (64 deg F).


Generally cloudy with rain at times, although perhaps becoming drier later. Winds will strengthen later, especially along coasts. Feeling chilly. Minimum temperature 5 deg C (41 deg F).


Mainly cloudy with rain or occasionally heavy showers. Feeling markedly colder with strong winds or gales, winds becoming westerly later. Maximum temperature 11 deg C (52 deg F).

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Sunshine and some showers on Sunday, with strong winds easing. Feeling chilly. Some showers occasionally sunny Monday, then dry, bright Tuesday. Daytime temperatures will recover, becoming locally rather warm Tuesday.