Seal found with frisbee stuck around its neck to be released back into the wild

Pinkafo is now recovering following her ordeal. Credit: Matthew Perring/PA

A seal who was found with a frisbee embedded in its neck on a beach in Norfolk is due to be released back into the wild on Wednesday.

Volunteers rescued the Atlantic grey seal seal called 'Pinkafo' from Waxham just before Christmas.

Staff from the RSPCA centre at East Winch have been looking after her ever since and she's now strong enough to survive on her own.

At one stage, her injuries were so severe that vets feared she would have to be put down.

Sir David was found on Horsey beach in April. Credit: Sarah Parker/RSPCA

Pinkafo is just one of several seals who have been discovered with plastic stuck around their necks in recent times on the Norfolk coast.

The most recent incident involved a large adult male grey seal who was found on Horsey beach in early April with terrible injuries.

The seal, who has been named Sir David, after Sir David Attenborough, is likely to be cared for by staff at East Winch for the next five months before hopefully returning to the wild.