Second 'frisbee' seal is released back into the wild - but 3 more are still out there

A second "frisbee" seal has been released back into the wild in Norfolk. But a third is still recovering and they're looking for three more. Natalie Gray reports

Pinkafo before being rescued Credit: Matthew Perring

This is Pinkafo - the second seal to be rescued off Norfolk with a plastic ring around its neck and nursed back to health.

The seal named Pinkafo before she was rescued Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals

This was Pinkafo in December - so badly injured RSPCA staff weren't sure she'd make it through the night.

David Vyse was one of the people who rescued her in December after seeing her struggle since the summer.

Five of the six Norfolk seals wearing plastic hoops Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals

Three seals have been rescued , two released now and one, called Sir David Attenborough , is recovering. But the seals wearing white, green and black plastic rings are still in the wild.