Who would dump German shepherd Key at a Cambridgeshire skatepark?

Key the German shepherd was tied up near a skatepark Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA wants to trace the owners of a German shepherd who was left tied up at a skatepark in Cambridgeshire over the Easter weekend.

Key, who is a white and black adult male, was found by a visitor to the park at Eye near Peterborough on Good Friday.

Although he is microchipped, RSPCA inspectors have not been able to get in touch with his most recent owners.

They are hoping there are two pet lovers sitting at home missing their dog.

"He’s quite a distinctive colour and is a lovely dog so we’re hopeful he may be missing from a loving home somewhere. "It would be wonderful if we could reunite him with his owners."

Becky Harper, RSPCA inspector
The skatepark in Eye where Key was abandoned Credit: RSPCA

The animal charity said Key was in a good condition and has been well cared for.

If anyone recognises the dog and believes he may be one that has been lost or stolen, they should contact the RSPCA.

Inspectors said they did not know the circumstances that led to Key being left at the skatepark but urged owners to seek help if they were struggling to cope.

"It's really sad to see lovely dogs like Key being abandoned when their owners can no longer care for them. We'd like to remind dog owners that there are places that can help if they're struggling to take care of their pets."

Becky Harper, RSPCA inspector