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Fiona Onasanya: Disgraced former MP says she won't stand in by-election

Disgraced former Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya has said she will not stand in the city's forthcoming by-election.

Ms Onasanya, who was elected as a Labour MP in 2017, served 28 days in prison for lying about a speeding offence.

She became the first MP to be unseated from the Commons in a recall petition on Wednesday and a by-election will be held on June 6.

She wrote on Twitter that she "will not be seeking to stand in the by-election".

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It comes after the leader of Peterborough City Council cited her as a possible reason for people not voting in Thursday's local elections.

Posting on Twitter, she also said she'd received racial abuse and threats.

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"Therefore, in light of the recall result, I will not be seeking to stand in the by-election," she said.

The Conservatives lost Peterborough City Council to no overall control in Thursday's elections after three years in charge of the consistently marginal authority.

The Tories now hold 28 of 60 seats on the council after the party lost three seats to Labour and one each to the Green Party and Lib Dems, but also gained one seat from Labour.

John Holdich, the council's Conservative leader, said: "The Onasanya affair had a reflection on it because the electorate were saying they weren't going to vote at all."