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Leon McKenzie: I'm gonna make sure I come back fighting


Former Norwich City footballer Leon McKenzie has been talking to ITV News Anglia about his battle with depression and how he tried to take his own life.

Leon, who was a professional footballer for nearly 20 years and had a career as a boxer, was speaking in Mental Health Awareness Week in an effort to help others.

In the first of two interviews, Leon goes back to Norwich to speak to Becky Jago.

Watch the first part of the interview below:

"Everyone plans to live the fairytale... everyone plans for it to go exceedingly well, but when it doesn't, it's what your mind does then.

"If you knew me as an individual you, and you can ask any of my former teammates because they didn't know - I didn't allow that."

– Leon McKenzie

Watch part two of Becky's interview with Leon below

The striker played for Norwich City, Peterborough, Northampton Town, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Coventry City and Charlton Athletic, as well as non-league clubs during his 18 year career.

In the interview he spoke with searing honesty about his battle with mental health and depression. He talks about how he turned his life around with a successful boxing career and how he’s using his journey to try and help others now.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised by Leon, you can get help and support here:

Watch the full interview with Leon McKenzie on YouTube