Police HGV 'supercab' catches hundreds of drivers using mobile phones on our roads

The three HGV supercabs helped police file 2,533 traffic offence reports Credit: Highways England

A truck being used by traffic police to covertly catch motorists breaking the law has been hailed as a success.

More than 500 drivers in the East of England have been caught in the first year that the 'Supercab' has been deployed on roads around our region.

From an elevated position officers can spot drivers committing offences - like using mobile phones or not wearing seat belts - and tip off traffic police following behind.

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There are three supercabs, funded by Highways England, which have travelled thousands of miles since they first took to the road 12-months ago.

The method allows police officers to film evidence of unsafe driving by pulling up alongside vehicles.

Officers have recorded 518 offences across the region. The most common offences include a using mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt and not being in proper control of vehicle.

Offending drivers are pulled over by police cars following a short distance behind.

Since using the supercabs, police have issued four penalty charge notices and filed 492 traffic offence reports - usually requiring drivers to attend a driver education course.

The HGV helped record more than 500 offences in the East. Credit: Highways England
There are three 'supercabs' used by Highways England. Credit: ITV News Anglia