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Aldeburgh Cinema celebrates 100th birthday

One of the country's oldest independent cinemas has celebrated its 100th birthday.

Aldeburgh Cinema has been a fixture of the Suffolk seaside town's high street for the last century, and has entertained locals with countless films, operas and theatre performances.

Former BBC Breakfast presenter, and local resident, Bill Turnbull launched Friday's celebrations by interviewing long-serving employee Susan Harrison who has been working at the cinema since 1961.

"It's a lovely, cosy, little cinema. It's old-fashioned but very modern because you get first run films," he told ITV News Anglia.

"But, also, it's fighting this great battle to stay open and be a community cinema in the age of Netflix and whatever else you see on the TV, and they still get people coming out to see films."

Bill Turnbull (centre) is a big fan of the cinema. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Mrs Harrison has done a number of roles during her time at the cinema - from front of house to fundraising.

She says it's a special place to work, and she's never wanted to go elsewhere.

"It was the staff and it was the audience - we've had some beautiful people through the doors," she said.

"Everyday has brought something different.'

Susan Harrison has worked at the cinema since 1961. Credit: ITV News Anglia

During its 100 years, the history of Aldeburgh cinema has been as dramatic as some of the films it's screened.

It has been threatened with, and fought, closure on several occasions - largely thanks to some impressive owners and supporters, including Benjamin Britten.

It also survived bombing raids during the second world war and later floods that engulfed the high street.

And having survived for so long, Mrs Harrison is keen to see its legacy live on.

"It's got to be here another 100 years, I shall haunt them if it isn't! It's got to be here!"