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I Picka-you: Couple hold Pokémon themed wedding

Steve and Sharon Griffin on their Pokemon themed wedding day Photo: Ian Burt

When Steve Griffin and partner Sharon decided to get married, they wanted to do something a little different.

So they held a Pokémon themed wedding at the registry office in King's Lynn.

The couple celebrate their big day Credit: Ian Burt

Sharon is a huge fan of Pickachu and his pals after she started playing Pokémon Go. So there was only one choice when it came to the theme.

Bridesmaid's (L) Katie Griffin and Alice Stockdale Credit: Ian Burt

For the uninitiated Pokémon is a huge movie, game and cartoon franchise from Japan.

It's about imaginary monsters which can be caught and trained to fight in battles. The monsters feature in Nintendo games and long-running TV series and makes around $1.5bn a year.

The latest iteration - Detective Pickachu - is currently appearing in cinemas.

The couple even opted for Pokémon-themed vows - but in the end chose to use the traditional ones.

"We're still aching from laughing. We just wanted everyone to have fun, it was perfect!"

– Sharon Griffin
Never mind catching em all - Steve grabs the one that counts Credit: Ian Burt

Sharon even took time to make Pokémon themed wedding accessories - ordering figures to decorate her bouquets.

Pickachu was delighted when the registrar said: I now pronounce Mew man and wife...

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It's not the first unusual wedding in our region - like the Suffolk couple who were so devoted to Shrek, they had other couples green with envy.

Simon and Michelle Francis

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