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Bees feel the sting after dramatic decline in the East

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Wildlife charities are calling for urgent action to protect bees after a 'dramatic decline' in their numbers across the East.

The World Wildlife Fund and Buglife based in Peterborough, say climate change, habitat loss, polloution and disease are pushing many types of bees to extinction.

In a new report published on #WorldBeeDay found that 17 species of bee had become extinct in our region. 25 species are currently threatened. 31 are described as being of conservation concern.

17 bees are extinct in the East. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Farmer Tom Martin is doing his bit to help save bees - by setting aside large areas of the family farm at Haddon near Peterborough to grow wild flower meadows.

Farmer Tom Marin is trying to help halt the decline at his farm. Credit: ITV News Anglia

In addition to the 17 species of bee that have already become extinct in our region there are also now six types of bee that are so endangered that they are only now found in a single site.

– Tom Martin, Farmer
The loss of pollinating bees could impact on our ability to grow the crops we need for food. Credit: ITV News Anglia