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Who's been putting fake blue plaques up in Norwich ? We meet the rebel women honouring the heroines of the past

One of the handmade plaques honouring the heroines of Norwich's past Photo: ITV Anglia

If you've been wondering who has been putting up homemade blue plaques all over Norwich and why... then we can reveal all! It's a protest at the lack of official ones in the city honouring women. A Twitter account called Rosie's Plaques has claimed responsibility. Natalie Gray has been meeting some of the rebels behind the pop up protest .

Norwich has over 300 plaques celebrating the places, the events and the people - but only 25 of them honour women.

So a group of women set out to do something about that. They've put up their own plaques around the city. One, at the Guildhall, honours Mabel Clarkson, who became a Lord Mayor of Norwich and a city councillor before women achieved the vote.

The twitter group Rosiesplaques is behind the protest ... they want to remain anonymous but they explained why they'd put the plaques up.

"We're part of a theatre group called The Common Lot which makes theatre about people of Norwich and Norfolk . Last autumn we produced a show about the radical women of Norwich called All Mouth, No Trousers and that's when we discovered the appalling lack of recognition of the women in our city and we thought well, do you know , we need to put this right. "

– "Rosie"
A new plaque to Emma de Gaudar , who at the age of 16, was said to have held Norwich Castle against William the Conqueror Credit: ITV Anglia

"I particularly like Emma de Gauder who is the wife of the man who is charged with looking after our castle . He went off for three months and left her in charge by herself . She held the castle for three months against a seige from the king . She was 16 years old and I think that's really worth shouting about."

– "Rosie"
World famous butterfly collector Margaret Fountaine is one of the women honoured Credit: ITV Anglia
This plaque honours women thrown out of a Quaker meeting house for being profane and opinionated for talking about women's rights Credit: ITV Anglia

A spokeswoman for Norwich City said they were enjoying the temporary art installation and they would consider any application from anyone wanting something more permanent.