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Mum's warning to others after daughter loses a foot to sepsis

Scarlett lost her foot after contracting sepsis Credit: ITV Anglia

A young mum's warning others to watch out for the signs of sepsis after her daughter lost a foot to the killer condition just after her first birthday.

Natalie Atkins from Welwyn Garden City wants to share the story of her daughter Scarlett, who is now two, to warn others of the dangers

Natalie wants others to be aware of the dangers of sepsis Credit: ITV Anglia

The infection can lead to organ failure and death without quick treatment.

Natalie initially went to Herts Urgent Care for treatment.

She says a GP told her Scarlet most likely had a sore throat and a viral rash. She's filed a complaint with the General Medical Council and has lawyers investigating the case.

Natalie hopes her story will protect and save others in future.

Scarlett has to wear a specially adapted boot Credit: ITV Anglia

I want to make sure stuff does change as a result of this, it's not gonna change what's happened to Scarlet but that can't be allowed to happen to other people - other children, other adults - obviously it impacts on everybody but to think a child who can't speak for themselves and tell you how they're feeling. we've made assumptions and not treated them properly and that delay has caused, obviously, an awful thing to happen."

– Natalie, Scarlett's mum

Lawyers are looking into the case.

We're looking into the care that Natalie's daughter Scarlet received from Herts Urgent Care and in particular the way that the call was handled by the 111 service and then the treatment that she received at the base from the general practitioner at that point. We cetainly believe that scarlet presented with enough red flag symptoms as a very sick child and that her condition should have been taken very seriously."

– Janine Collier, Tees Law

Herts Urgent Care issued this statement.

We are very sorry that Scarlett and her family have had to deal with the impact of sepsis. Investigations on how Scarlett's symptoms presented during the contact with our service and whether a diagnosis should have been made sooner are in progress. Those investigations are ongoing and it would not be appropriate to comment further at this point."

– Herts Urgent Care

Natalie is keen to raise awareness of sepsis, a condition which kills between 1,000 and 4,000 children under five every year in the UK.

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