Police warning to van owners after spate of thefts in Suffolk

Suffolk Police are warning van drivers to take precautions after a series of thefts

Driversin Suffolk are being urged to keep their vehicles secure following a series of van thefts.

Police say 28 Mercedes Sprinter vans that use keyless entry have been stolen between October 2018 and April 201 with most offences taking place in Ipswich where 23 vans have been stolen.

Vans have generally been stolen overnight from residential areas and car parks.

Keyless theft happens when criminals use a transmitter to amplify the signal being emitted from the key inside the owners house to reach the vehicle outside. This allows it to be unlocked and driven away in seconds.

Police say owners can take the following steps to reduce the risk

  • · In the house, store keys away from accessible doors and windows, inside a Faraday bag (search RFID security at www.securedbydesign.com for details of police preferred specification products) and then potentially into a metal tin. Several anti-theft pouches are available which are designed to block signals emitted by the key.

  • · It may be possible to disable the keyless entry function. Check your owner manual or seek advice from your local dealer if required.

  • · Use physical security measures such as steering wheel locks or wheel clamps to compliment your vehicles own security (www.soldsecure.com)

  • · Owners could also contact their local vehicle service dealer to see if there are security upgrades that can be carried out.

  • · Ensure that basic security measures, such as checking the doors and windows are secure, are always done.

  • · Where possible, park vehicles within secure compounds covered by CCTV.

  • · If you cannot park the vehicle in a garage, park it on a well-lit drive or well-lit area as close to your property as possible.

For more details on the above guidance you can go to the Constabulary’s A - Z of crime prevention - First Principle site and go to Keyless car and van theft