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Bike thefts top 40,000 in Cambridgeshire in last decade

Cambridge has been a hot spot for cycle theft over the years. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A new scheme to stop cycle thefts is being launched as police say the number of bikes stolen in Cambridgeshire in the last ten years has reached 40,000.

Cambridgeshire police is now working with shops as part of a new online scheme to register bikes, marking them with tamper-proof stickers.

Officers are holding a crime prevention day to encourage people to sign up to the scheme.

They're working with for the registration process, it's hoped the tamper-proof stickers will deter thefts.

People will be able to check if a second-hand bike has been stolen and if recovered, the bike can easily be returned to its owner.

"It's staggering that 40,000 bikes have been stolen in the county in the last 10 years. We want to get as many cyclists in the county signed up to this scheme as possible to help address the problem and deter thieves. We're aiming to make it as difficult as we can for criminals and need the public's help in achieving this. As well as registering to this scheme, it's vital people secure their bikes correctly with a decent lock. Cheap locks and inappropriately left bikes make it easy for thieves."

– Supt James Sutherland

Cambridgeshire police will be at Cambridge Station from 8.30am (24th May) to mark bikes and answer any questions about the scheme.