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'I had no idea I was pregnant' - Wisbech mum gives birth in shop toilets

Kylie-Ann Hagger with her Credit: Kylie-Ann Hagger

A department store in Wisbech is celebrating a special delivery after a mum who had "no idea" she was pregnant gave birth in the toilets.

Kylie-Ann Hagger was out shopping with her mum, sister and two children yesterday (May 23) when she felt like she needed the toilet.

The 21-year-old went into Beales department store to use the facilities but quickly found herself "in agony".

"I called my mum and said that I needed to push. I was shocked and confused and didn't know what to do as I couldn't move."

– Kylie-Ann Hagger
Kylie-Ann's one-day old baby boy. Credit: Kylie-Ann Hagger

Minutes later, with help from staff and "two lovely ladies", Kylie-Ann delivered a baby boy.

She posted on Facebook thanking the staff at Beales and "the community for all the donations of vests, baby grows, sterilisers, baby bath and much more".

She described the day as "weird but magical".

The new arrival is yet to be named - but one well-wisher suggested naming him "after the place he was born like celebrities do".

"He would be Loo Beales," they said, before adding. "Second thoughts maybe not."