A Northamptonshire man's been jailed for life for the murder of a friend he'd grown up with, over a drug dealing dispute.

Robert Field who is 23 and from Brackley pleaded guilty to the murder of Gus Davies who was found with multiple stab wounds in June last year.

The court heard how the two men had got involved with drug dealing and how Field had wanted to eliminate his competition.

He was given a mandatory life sentence and will serve a minimum term of 15 years and three months, minus the 299 days already spent on remand.

23-year-old Augustus (Gus) Davies Credit: Police

"This was one of the most violent and despicable crimes I have seen in twenty eight years policing. Gus Davies and Robert Field grew up together. They were friends. They lived together in a rented studio. Somewhere along the way they entered into the world of drug dealing. They thought this would give them a better life, an easy, quick way to make money. What it brought was a deep-rooted hatred and greed. Field wanted to be the big drug dealer in Brackley. He wanted to eliminate the competition and be the big man. He killed him in the most violent and despicable way."

Det Insp Justine Wilson, East Midlands Special Operations Unit

Police say it was an extremely complex investigation and that all the authorities involved worked with determination, leaving Field no option but to plead guilty.

"Although he pleaded guilty I have not seen one moment of remorse throughout the investigation, only self-pity. Whatever his choices in life Gus was a young man who did not deserve to be killed."

Det Insp Justine Wilson, East Midlands Special Operations Unit

“As a family we would like to say a huge thank you to the police, victim support and all the services who have been involved in this case. The police have gone over and beyond to successfully resolve this heinous crime and their time, patience and fortitude have been remarkable. All agencies have worked tirelessly to make the last few months bearable for us all.

Family of Gus Davies