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Leadsom makes second bid for Number 10

Heading for Number 10? Photo: PA Images
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Andrea Leadsom has formally launched her bid to take over from Theresa May as the next Conservative leader.

The South Northamptonshire MP announced her move this morning, she was the latest candidate to declare her desire to lead the country. Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt also declared their intention to run. Michael Gove is set to declare his candidacy today.

It follows West Suffolk MP Matt Hancock's declaration yesterday.

Michael Gove has also announced he is running Credit: ITV News

Ms Leadsom, writing in the Sunday Times, said she would be willing to walk away from the EU in October without a deal, stating: "To succeed in a negotiation you have to be prepared to walk away."

Ms Leadsom added that she would introduce a citizens' rights bill to resolve uncertainty facing EU nationals, then seek agreement in other areas where consensus already exists, such as on reciprocal healthcare and Gibraltar.

Matt Hancock announced on Saturday that he was in the running.

Mr Hancock said he would take a different approach to try to get Commons support for a Brexit deal rather than the tactics Mrs May used.

He told ITV News: "Bringing the country together is absolutely critical for the next leader, and, of course, the party. And to do that, we need to deliver Brexit but not be defined by Brexit."

He said Brexit needed to happen before any general election, which would be a "huge risk" for the Conservative party.

Mr Hancock said he was the man to "unite the country and the party by being completely straightforward" with what needed to be done and the trade-offs.

The timetable for the contest will see nominations close in the week of June 10, with MPs involved in a series of votes to whittle down what is set to be a crowded field to a final two contenders.

Tory party members will then decide who wins the run-off.

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The region's Conservative MPs have already started to declare who they'll be supporting. South Suffolk MP James Cartlidge will be backing Jeremy Hunt.

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Though Young Conservatives are backing Esther McVey.

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