Brexit Party wins Euro Election in the East plus a big boost for Lib Dems and Greens

Seven new MEPs have been elected for the East of England. Credit: PA Images

The Brexit Party have won the European election in the Eastern region taking 38% of the vote and three of the MEP seats.

The Liberal Democrats came second with 23% of the votes and two MEPs.

The Green Party won their first MEP in the region.

The Conservatives retained only one of the three seats they won in 2014 but Labour lost their only MEP in the region.

Share of the vote for each of the parties in the Eastern region in the 2019 European Election.

Votes cast in the Eastern region

  • Brexit Party - 604,715 (37.8%)

  • Liberal Democrats - 361,563 (22.6%)

  • Green Party - 202,460 (12.7%)

  • Conservative - 163,830 (10.2%)

  • Labour - 139,490 (8.7%)

  • Change UK - 58,274 (3.6%)

  • UKIP - 54,676 (3.4%)

  • English Democrats - 10,217 (0.6%)

  • Attila Csordas (Ind) - 3,230 (0.2%)

The seven new MEPs elected for the East of England.

The seven MEPs elected for the Eastern region are:

Richard Tice, Michael Heaver and June Mummery for the Brexit Party.

Barbara Gibson and Lucy Nethsingha for the Liberal Democrats.

Catherine Rowett for the Green Party

Geoffery Van Orden for the Conservative Party

  • Click to watch a report about the European Election in the Eastern region of the UK

More than one and a half million people voted across the East of England in this year's European Election which was a little more than one-third of the electorate.

Turnout across the region was about the same as in the last European election in 2014 although it was down six percentage points in Great Yarmouth to 31.4%.

Voting in the European Elections took place in the UK on Thursday 23 May 2019. Credit: PA

Although the UK voted for its Euro MPs on Thursday, the votes could only be counted on Sunday after the whole of Europe had completed voting.

The Eastern region constituency is made up of the six counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

All the votes were counted in the 45 districts of the region and then collated into a final result in Chelmsford.

The seven MEPs were allocated under a proportional representation system accounting to the share of the vote each party received.

The full result in the Eastern region in the 2019 European Election.

The seven MEPs from the Eastern region are among 71 Euro MPs from the UK.

The European Parliament, which meets in Brussels and Strasbourg, has a total of 751 MEPs from 28 countries.

Britain was due to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 but that has been extended to 31 October.