Korfball was invented a century ago by a Dutch schoolteacher who wanted a sport that could be played by men and women together.

It's a mix of netball and basketball and is played by adults and children across the Anglia region.

The Vikings Korfball club has been training in Ely in Cambridgeshire since 2006 and has watched the sport grow in popularity.

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"We have got several families, where mum, dad, son and daughter all play in the same team which is unheard of in any other sport.

Martin Brown, President, Ely Vikings Korfball Club

Each team is made up of four male players and four female players. Men can only challenge other men and vice versa - this gives both genders a fair chance.

Just like netball no contact is allowed and the team with the most goals scored through the korf - meaning basket in Dutch - is the winner.

Korfball is played equally by male and female players. Credit: ITV News Anglia