A student from Hertfordshire who mowed a rude image for Donald Trump to see as he flew into the UK for his state visit has been asked by police to remove it.

Ollie Nancarrow mowed the image alongside a climate change message for the US President into a field on the flight path into Stansted Airport.

The 18-year-old said that "living under the flightpath has to have some advantages".

"I wanted to show Trump that I oppose his views and policies on climate change and, as an artist, I use whatever canvas I have."

Ollie Nancarrow
The polar bear.

One message features an outline of a polar bear alongside the words: "Climate change is real".

While another shows shows a rude image, alongside the words, 'Oi Trump'.

Student Ollie, who is part of the sustainability and environmental awareness group "Born Eco", has been told mow over and remove the rude image.

He has also been told to attend a meeting with the police next week and advised to bring a solicitor.