Last year's long hot summer helped boost numbers of the Swallowtail - Britain's biggest native butterfly which can only be found on the Norfolk Broads.

The heatwave meant conditions were perfect for a second brood of the rare butterfly which can have wing spans as big as nine centimetres.

So with more butterflies about, we sent Natalie Gray to try to see some with the help of reserves manager Adam Pimble from Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

"It's a huge butterfly . They are actually the largest of the British butterfly species - wing span of up to nine centimetres. They're also one of the most colourful butterflies we have in the UK ."

Adam Pimble, Reserves manager, Norfolk Wildlife Trust

The Swallowtail is restricted to the Norfolk Broads because it's caterpillars will only feed on the milk parsley plant which is only found there.