Soggy June may dampen our spirits but it's great for the gardens

The downpours so far in June are just what our garden needed after months of dry weather.

Some parts of the Anglia region may have seem more rain in a week than normally falls in a whole month but our gardens needed the water.

The first five months of the year were very dry but June is making up for the rainfall shortage.

January to May was the driest for seven years with only two thirds of the normal rainfall. That means the region was down by about 75 mm of rain.

June is certainly going a long way to making up the deficit. Just 13 days into the month and the rainfall total is way above the average for the entire month.

Holbeach in Lincolnshire has 129 mm or more than five inches of rain in the past week.

Normally Holbeach would expect 53 mm of rain during the whole of June.

Since May 2018 only three months have been wetter than normal in the Anglia region - August and November in 2018 and February this year. June will now between added to that wet list.

Sam Baillie, the Head Gardener at Kelmarsh Hall near Kettering in Northamptonshire says the gardens needed some wet weather.