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Train passengers stranded for hours after flooding causes landslip in Corby

The stranded train and, right, passengers being evacuated. Credit: Will Hargrave

Passengers were left stranded on a train for hours in Northamptonshire after flooding caused a landslip on the line.

There were dramatic scenes in Corby last night as the East Midlands service from London to Nottingham ground to a halt.

The flooding meant that a second train which came to rescue the passengers also got stuck.

Will Hargrave documented the nightmare journey on Twitter. He said it took 11 hours before he was back home, where he started.

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East Midlands Trains said some services between Corby and Oakham were still suspended on Friday 14 June.

Network Rail are assessing the damage and working to clear the line.

"We’re very sorry some East Midlands Trains passengers were stranded on trains for hours yesterday.

"We would like to thank them for their patience while we worked with EMT and the emergency services to get them off the train safely. "Our engineers are now on site working to clear about 40 tonnes of material on the tracks and understand what happened.

"We will reopen the line once it is safe to do so, but conditions remain poor and there is an ongoing risk of further landslips."

Network Rail need to clear 40 tonnes of debris from the track near Corby. Credit: ITV News Anglia/Jonathon Stevens

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Mr Hargrave described the evacuation process as "very slick".

He also praised train staff and said one manager, who lived in Kettering, offered to put stranded passengers up at his home.

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Around 400 passengers were stranded for up to eight hours before being evacuated and one person was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Mr Hargrave said that a passenger in one carriage had "passed out".

The train operator apologised to the customers involved in the incident, calling it a "challenging situation" due to rubble and serious flooding curbing rescue efforts.

Network Rail says there is the risk of further landslips in the area. Credit: ITV News Anglia/Jonathon Stevens

The branch rail line, which serves Corby, Oakham and Melton Mowbray, does not normally carry mainline intercity services.

However on Thursday, the 14.34 train from London to Nottingham service was diverted via the branch line as there was a trespasser in the Leicester area.

The service then ran into debris which appears to have been washed onto the tracks near Manton in Rutland by the very wet weather.

Arrangements were made to transfer the passengers to a second train which was going to Sheffield. However, once they had transferred, this second train was stopped by floodwater.

Network Rail said teams had to work with East Midlands Trains and emergency services to create a safe route through the spoil material to get passengers onto buses. This was achieved around 23.15.