Sir James Dyson donates £19 million to his old school in Norfolk

Sir James Dyson, speaking to ITV's Malcolm Robertson Credit: ITV Anglia
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Sir James Dyson has donated almost 19 million pounds to his former school in Norfolk.

It's to fund a new science, technology, engineering, arts and maths centre at Gresham's in Holt.

It should open in 2021.

Gresham's School Credit: Gresham's School

Our reporter Malcolm Robertson spoke to Sir James about his time at Gresham's and his donation.

  • Born in Cromer in 1947, what are your earliest memories of your childhood in North Norfolk?

Sir James Dyson donates £19 million to his old school Credit: ITV Anglia
  • Your father was a teacher at Gresham’s and would have died shortly after you started, what impact did that have on a very young boy at the time?

  • How did you go about being different, how did you, in those months of grief, deal with it?

  • And I suppose there was the fear you might have to leave Gresham’s because of you father’s death?

  • And I suppose you always felt that you owe Gresham’s and Logie a debt of gratitude?

  • So it allowed you to be yourself really?

  • So tell us how you’d like to help the school in return for their generosity to you?

  • And this will be up and running in 2021?

  • How do you see it working?

  • I remember you saying you pretty much stumbled into engineering that was a pretty luck stumble really wasn’t it?

  • Do you think we do enough to encourage in schools? So engineering and technology and entrepreneurs?

  • So how do we change that perception do you think?

  • But in twenty years time will we be doing enough to keep them and encourage those ideas and sort of inspire the entrepreneurs of the future?

  • You’ve obviously got a very good reason for choosing Gresham's, but what would you say to those who perhaps would say that it’s a privileged school, that perhaps you should be investing in state education rather than a private school like Greshams?

  • I was talking to somebody who’s been to Gresham's more recently than you, and was saying that the technology centre there… they described it as “scruff shacks”... is that a term that was used when you were there?

  • So, we began in North Norfolk; let’s finish in North Norfolk. Do you still go up there now? Do you have any ties up there?

  • And I guess Logie Bruce-Lockhart has been quite an inspiration and a great friend to you?