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Anglia weather: Cloud slowly thinning with bright spells developing

Sunset over Ramsey St Mary's. Credit: Chris Mitchell

Today: Cloudy and dull at first, but slowly clearing up, with sunny spells developing mainly through the afternoon. Remaining mainly cloudy on the coast. Feeling cool near the Norfolk coast with an onshore breeze, but becoming warm especially in the south. Maximum temperature 23 deg C (73 deg F).

Tonight: Dry overnight. Perhaps the odd sunny spell during the evening away from the coast, but otherwise mainly cloudy during the night. Minimum temperature 12 deg C (54 deg F).

Thursday: Generally dry with cloud at first. Good sunny spells developing inland and feeling warm especially in the south, but staying cooler and cloudier on the coast. Maximum temperature 23 deg C (73 deg F).

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Friday starting cloudy, becoming dry and warm inland, but often cooler and cloudier on coasts. Saturday hot with sunny spells. Sunday cooler but still feeling pleasant with good sunny spells.

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