Firefighters were called to rescue a dog from a boiling hot car while the owner was shopping in Essex.

Bertie was stuck inside the car on the top deck of a multistory car park in Saffron Walden on Friday June 28.

Crews had to break into the car to free the dog. Credit: Saffron Walden Fire Station

Firefighters say he was in distress because there were no windows open and the car was parked in direct sunlight.

The charity the Dogs Trust are reminding pet owners during this hot spell that dogs can die in just 20 minutes if left in a hot car.

With the recent high profile incident in Saffron Walden we are surprised the message is still not getting through when it comes to leaving children and pets in hot vehicles. Thankfully Bertie survived to tell the tale! We thank Waitrose staff for their support with trying to help locate the owner and for providing much needed water for Bertie.

Statement, Saffron Walden Fire Station