Essex cyclist hopes to set world record for fastest man on a bike

Neil Campbell riding his custom built bike Credit: ITV

An architect from Essex is hoping to make history by becoming the fastest person in the world - on a bicycle.

Neil Campbell from Colchester is hoping to beat the current record which stands at an astonishing 167 miles an hour.

He's going to make his record-breaking attempt in August but this week he's been training on a disused runway at Elvington near York.

Neil is already the fastest cyclist in Europe, but now he wants to the world title.

He rides a custom-silver Silver Eagle which has a stopping parachute to assist with breaking from 170mph to 0 in 400 metres.

Neil will be pulled along by a Porsche and then released at high speed.

He will then have to pedal furiously as he is timed over a 200m time trap.

Neil said:

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The parachute is deployed to help Neil stop Credit: ITV
Neil has been training at a disused runway in York Credit: ITV