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Queen officially opens new Royal Papworth Hospital building

Hundreds of people gathering in Cambridge to catch a glimpse of the Queen today.

The Queen arriving at Royal Papworth Credit: ITV Anglia

She had a packed day with three visits to fit in, with her last job of the day to officially opened the new Royal Papworth Hospital.

School children waved flags while patients had time out from wards. The Queen officially unveiled a sign marking her visit

Queen officially opens new Royal Papworth Hospital building Credit: ITV Anglia

"Very exciting, very nervous waiting for her to come in to meet us. She took the time to ask me specifically about my role and the area of work I do which I think is an amazing thing, she is a very lovely lady."

– Samantha Henman, Lead nurse for Cystic Fibrosis
The Queen meets staff at Royal Papworth Credit: ITV Anglia

After decades in the planning , The £200 million flagship hospital finally opened its doors in May.

The Queen gave Papworth its new Royal title in 2017, ahead of its move, making it the first hospital in the East of England to have such an accolade.

The Queen meets patients at Royal Papworth Credit: ITV Anglia

The hospital was given the honour because of its pioneering work with heart and lung treatment.

Papworth is known for a series of medical breakthroughs including the first heart transplant in the UK, carried out in 1979.

The Queen meets patients outside Royal Papworth Credit: ITV Anglia

The Queen has experienced Papworth first hand after the Duke of Edinburgh was treated for a blocked coronary artery at the hospital in 2011.

It is a great place, it has got a fantastic reputation both here and indeed abroad and then very shortly we'll be able to build our research and education institute that will join up and give the opportunities for future medicines which is just fantastic."

– Prof John Wallwork, Chairman

Earlier the Queen visited the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, or NIAB as it's known.

The Queen inspects crops at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany Credit: ITV Anglia

It's one of the oldest and fastest growing crop science research centres, founded as a charitable trust.

The Queen plants a tree at NIAB Credit: ITV Anglia

And the Queen was invited to plant a tree to mark its centenary.

We are so thrilled that she was able to come and of course this is her third visit and the idea that she could come for our centenary to plant a tree as her grandfather and grandmother did and to be there at the same time as the grandchildren of our founder is just quite moving actually."

– Dr Tina Barsby, Chief Executive, NIAB

The Queen who is its patron was also shown an exhibition celebrating 100 years of crop research as well as new facilities.

The Queen at Queen's College Credit: ITV Anglia

At lunchtime the Queen visited Queen's College where students lined up.

The Duke Of Edinburgh spent 34 years as Cambridge University's Chancellor.