Two year old with no irises has to wear sunglasses even in winter

Rhiannon Kay has to wear sunglasses all year round because she doesn't have any irises in her eyes. Credit: ITV Anglia

Rhiannon Kay is missing the part of the eye that makes our eyes blue, brown, grey or green. Instead they're completely black and are super sensitive to light. Her parents have to keep the blinds drawn at their home in Alpington near Norwich as Natalie Gray now reports.

Rhiannon was diagnosed soon after her birth. Credit: Family picture

The two year old has a rare genetic condition called Aniridia which affects one in every 75,000 babies worldwide.

"When they shone the light into her eyes her pupils didn't dilate so they referred us to the specialist at the Norfolk and Norwich eye clinic and we saw a few different consultants and then eventually when she was about three days old we got the diagnosis of Aniridia. It was extremely scary we'd never heard of it. We didn't know anything about it."

Teresa Kay, mother
Rhiannon with her parents Teresa and Vaughan Kay Credit: Family picture

Her parents make sure the blinds are drawn during the day to dim the light in their home.

But they've had to endure cruel comments from strangers who see Rhiannon in sunglasses and do not understand.

Rhiannon Kay whose eyes are completely black Credit: ITV Anglia

At the moment there is no cure. But her parents live in hope. In the meantime they're just thankful that their little girl is so very happy.