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Battle for Number 10: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt arrive in region

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, hit the campaign trail in the region as they tried to woo undecided voters at a Conservative Party leadership hustings in Bedfordshire.

Many party members who attended Saturday's event in Wyboston said they had yet to cast their ballot, preferring to hear from the two contenders first.

Support in the room was split, with some impressed by Mr Hunt's "considered" answers but others favouring Mr Johnson as the "better talker".

Hunt won some support at Wyboston Credit: PA Images

Chris Hallam, of Milton Keynes, said Mr Hunt impressed him more "because I think he has the most realistic ideas".

"I like Boris more as a person but I'm just not sure if I think his characteristics should be prime minister," said the 24-year-old, who recently left a job at the European Union. "I think Jeremy's more prime ministerial."

He said he has yet to cast his ballot but "I think I will vote for Hunt".

Margaret Turner, 64, of Bedford, who runs a healthcare consultancy business, said she thought Mr Hunt performed better at the hustings.

"The main reason is he actually answered the questions," she said. "I didn't agree with every one of his answers but I did generally think that he had an answer and he was quite considered. Boris is always entertaining but as a prime minister I'm not sure I want to be entertained, I can go to the theatre for that purpose."

Johnson - still bookies favourite Credit: PA Images

Andrew Goldsmith, 67, of Braintree, Essex, said he was more impressed by Mr Johnson.

"I just felt he communicated a bit better, he's a better talker in public I think," he said. "If you go out on the streets I think he's probably more likely to convince people to change their mind if they're not Tory voters.

Dave Gyngell, 59, of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, who works for an IT company, said Mr Johnson impressed him more.

"He comes across with the energy," he said. "The quandary I've got is I think we need two different people.

"Where I sit today is that Jeremy is the best overall prime minister but we need Boris this year, and that was reinforced today."

He said he has not cast his ballot yet but "it probably will be Boris because of what we need this year with Brexit".