Sister to donate kidney to 44-year-old told she would be lucky to survive childhood

Natasha Rogers (left) needs a new kidney and her sister Hayley is happy to oblige as a donor. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Forty years ago, Natasha Rogers was considered a medical marvel after she survived being born with a hole in her heart. Her parents were told she may not live past one.

She had a heart and lung transplant in her 20s and despite doctors telling her parents she wouldn't live for long, she's still here.

After beating the odds so many times before, now the 44-year-old from Northampton faces yet another challenge. Her kidneys are failing.

But Natasha still isn't giving up. Her life has been a testament to medical advances over the last four decades and, this time, it's her sister Hayley who will save her life by donating a kidney

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