Anglia Weather: How hot will it be this week?

A sunflower in the sunshine Photo: Jo Clarke

There is a heatwave this week and temperatures are set to soar.

By night it will be just as hot with overnight temperatures only falling to the low 20's.

The maximum temperature across the Anglia region could soar as high as 35°C on Wednesday, possibly even a degree or so warmer than this.

Maximum temperatures this week Credit: ITV Anglia

However, overnight temperatures will be just as high and more in line with what you would expect by day during July which could lead to difficult sleeping conditions.

Overnight temperatures this week Credit: ITV Anglia

So how hot is it going to get?

It looks like we could see highs of 35 C across the region, the peak of which will be on Wednesday and on Thursday. By Friday, temperatures will drop back to the mid 20's.

Peak temperatures are expected during Wednesday and Thursday

Across the whole of the UK the maximum July temperature could be broken for day and for night.

The highest temperature ever recorded in July across the UK is 36.7°C which was achieved at Heathrow airport on 1 July 2015.

The highest minimum temperature in July is 23.3°C which was recorded in St James' Park in London on 29 July 1948.

The all-time temperature record for Britain was set in August 2003 in Faversham in Kent when the thermometer reached 38.5°C

Where is the risk of thunderstorms coming from?

A weather front to the south west of England and Wales will bring a risk of thundery downpours as it bumps into warmer air spreading in off the continent.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the risk of disruptive thunderstorms.

Weather front to the west bringing a risk of thunderstorms. Credit: ITV Anglia

How long will the heat last?

By the weekend temperatures will quickly drop back to the mid 20's which should bring some relief to those that don't enjoy the hot weather!

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