Milton Keynes visually impaired ski squad aims for Paralympics

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Graham Stothard

Milton Keynes-based Outspan Rebels are the UK's first purpose-made club for partially-sighted and blind skiers.

They are a collective of keen alpine skiers who train and race together at the town Snozone snow centre.

Outspan are passionate about grassroots development, they "fill the void from learning to ski to becoming a Paralympian".

Eight of the group's newest members are totally blind and aged between eight and 13-years-old.

Those with no sight at all either follow their teacher, who has an amplifier strapped to their back, or use Bluetooth headsets.

The club is self-funded, but receives support from local businesses Credit: ITV Anglia
Visually impaired ski racer Josh Fuller Credit: ITV Anglia

Throughout the summer, Outspan are running taster sessions to encourage more blind and visually-impaired people to take up the sport.