Struggling with the heat? Why is it so hot?

Bella is taking full advantage of the fan Credit Credit: Stephanie Jane Hughes

The heat has been building over the last few days and daytime temperatures have started to climb into the high 30's across much of the southern and eastern England.

Where is all the heat coming from?

The jet stream is the boundary between warm and cold air and also carries most of the weather systems we experience across the Atlantic.

The jet stream is currently to the west of the UK which means we are on the warm side of the jet stream. The usually means that temperatures will be a bit above average.

However, temperatures are currently creeping into the low 30's so why is it so much warmer than average?

The jet stream has been in the same position for about a week now and it means that warm air from the continent has had time to establish itself across the UK. The warm air across continental Europe has origins in North Africa and this is the source of the air that is bringing us the current heatwave.

It is not just by day that temperatures are causing a stir. Overnight temperatures are struggling to drop! Over the next few nights temperatures will struggle to drop below 19 C or so.

Will temperature records be broken?

It is quite possible that July highest maximum temperature of 36.7 C will be broken and it is also possible the UK could see the highest ever recorded temperature across the UK could be broken too. in 2003 in August 38.5 C was broken.

UK temperature records Credit: ITV Anglia