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Water firm planning more innovative wetland sites after huge success in Norfolk

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Anglian Water wants to create more innovative wetland sites to help cope with increasing demand for its sewage services.

The series of pools created at Ingoldisthorpe near King's Lynn help to filter waste water that's already passed through a traditional treatment plant and it's created a haven for wildlife.

It's the first wetland of its kind in England and filters about a million litres of water a day which then flows into the River Ingol.

Children have been busy surveying wildlife in the area. Credit: ITV News Anglia

To mark a year since the pools were created they've been doing a survey of the wildlife and plant species that can be found on the site- to show how successful it's been. Children from local schools were invited to take part.

Some of the biggest challenges we face in this part of the country.. is a really fast growing population because people want to come and live and work in beautiful East of England and to cope with the water that we need to treat to allow that to happen, the alternative to something like this is building really carbon heavy infrastructure that costs a lot of money and its not good for carbon footprint and its not good for the environment.

– Regan Harris, Anglian Water
It is hoped this will be the first of many wetland areas in the East. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The project has been funded by the water company but the wildlife haven has been created by the Norfolk Rivers Trust, which also manages and maintains the site.

If it gets approval from the water regulator Ofwat, Anglian Water wants to create around 30 more wetland filtration sites like this in the East of England.