Damaged Chelmsford flyover will cost 'millions' to repair

A damaged flyover in Chelmsford will cost millions of pounds to fix, according Essex County Council.

The Army and Navy was shut indefinitely after a fault was discovered during the heatwave.

Engineers said a plinth had moved during the high temperatures.

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Cllr Kevin Bentley, cabinet member for infrastructure at Essex County Council, said they've asked the Government for help.

"It might not be another breach, it might be a complete reconfiguration of the roundabout," said Mr Bentley.

"They're the options we're looking at and we'll put to the public as well so they can have their say.

"But this takes time and it requires money. We're talking multi million pounds of money here to put this right.

"I've got to ask the Government to help me. I've already written to the secretary of state asking for his immediate help, so has Vicky Ford MP asking for that help.

"We will be planning on going to see him and my plea to the people of Chelmsford is, we need you to back us in that campaign to get this done."

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The busy flyover will cost millions to repair. Credit: ITV News Anglia
Engineers say a plinth supporting the flyover moved during the heatwave. Credit: ITV News Anglia