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Fast-growing sport of padel tennis arrives in Norfolk

Two new padel courts have been built in Diss, Norfolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia

One of the fastest growing sports in Europe can now be played in Norfolk after a squash club in Diss built two padel courts.

Padel is described as a cross between tennis and squash - it’s played over a net, like tennis, but the court is surrounded by squash-style walls.

It’s played with a something resembling a giant table tennis bat.

The game started in Mexico in the 1960s, but has become huge in parts of Europe such as Spain where it’s said to be more widely played than regular tennis.

Padel is now poised to make an impact in the UK after British Padel was taken under the wing of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

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Tom Bobbins, owner of Heywood Health and Fitness, said: "Padel tennis is basically and amalgamation between tennis and squash.

"Very much like tennis the ball has to go over the net. Once it goes over the net you either play it or wait for it to come back off the frame of the court and play it back over, so the rally keeps going."

Padel is played over a net, like tennis. Credit: ITV News Anglia
A padel bat is made of foam or carbon fibre and has no strings. Credit: ITV News Anglia
Padel is widely played in Spain and Portugal, but is still relatively unknown in the UK. Credit: ITV News Anglia
The ball can bounce of the walls, like in squash. Credit: ITV News Anglia
Padel has been described as a cross between tennis and squash. Credit: ITV News Anglia