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Cambridge engineer creates perfect espresso with jet-powered machine

The jet-powered machine has no electrical parts Credit: Kickstarter Indiegogo

A Cambridge University alumnus has developed what's thought to be the first jet-engineered stovetop espresso machine. William Playford began work on '9Barista' five years ago while studying for his PhD.

The coffee-loving engineer sought a device that could make the perfect coffee at high pressure, under controlled temperatures, and with precision engineered components to match – the same three elements required by a jet engine.

William Playford with 9Barista Credit: Kickstarter Indiegogo

“I wanted to design a small, portable machine that had the simplicity and robustness of a traditional Moka pot, but with the performance of a high-end café-style espresso machine, at a price substantially lower than the leading brands.”

– William Playford, 9Barista founder

9Barista has no electrical parts - a spring-loaded valve is its only moving part. It uses a twin boiler system. One boiler sets the brewing pressure, while the other regulates brewing temperature.

William launched his device on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, Within four days he hit his funding target. He is now working on his first batch production (170 machines) for delivery to customers in the UK and abroad in October 2019.