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'She had been taken ill' - Student's uncle speaks after Madagascar plane death

Alana Cutland was in Madagascar carrying out research for her studies Credit: Facebook

The uncle of a teenager from Milton Keynes who fell from a plane to her death in Madagascar said she'd become ill there. He believes prescription medication may have been the cause of her illness.

Police on the African island are investigating whether British student Alana Cutland deliberately threw herself to her death after escaping from a tiny two-door plane as it flew over the savanna.

The 19-year-old fell from the light aircraft after carrying out research in the remote area of Anjajavy on July 25. Her body has not yet been recovered.

"She had been taken ill after being there for a few days and when she spoke to her mother on the phone two days before the accident she was mumbling and sounded pretty incoherent."

– Lester Riley, Alana Cutland's uncle, as told to the Daily Mail

The plane's pilot said Ms Cutland had a headache when she boarded and stayed silent during the flight.

Police photographs recreating Ms Cutland's final moments appear to show the pilot and another passenger grasping hold of the victim's leg as she hangs out of the plane.

"We think she had suffered a severe reaction to some drugs, but no anti-malaria ones, because she had taken those on her trip last year to China without any side effects."

– Lester Riley, Alana Cutland's uncle, as told to the Daily Mail