Essex band sell out gig in Milton Keynes with heavy metal covers of kids songs

Slay Duggee play to a young audience at The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes Credit: ITV Anglia

The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes played host to a metal gig with a difference this weekend.

Dressed in dog costumes, Slay Duggee - a play on the children's cartoon, Hey Duggee - played their own furious take on kids classics to an audience of tots.

The band, who hail from Colchester, are all Dads themselves and cite their own children as inspiration for the unique covers act.

Vocalist Black Shuck said through his oversized dog mask: "Kids love jumping around, shouting, going crazy, painting their faces and we're giving them something just like that to do!"

One parent in the audience pointed out that the band are doing an important service - allowing children to enjoy the advanced musicianship and raw energy and emotion of metal music, while at the same time protecting them from metal lyrics - which are often dark in nature.

In Slay Duggee's set, lyrics are much more kid-friendly and easy for children to recognise from their favourite films and TV shows.

Holding a baby, who'd sensibly worn ear protectors during the gig, she said: "It's really good because obviously a concern around children listening to metal music is the language, so to have something especially tailored for kids is really good."

Another said: "Having a diverse musical culture is important and something like this, that can introduce kids to different genres is just great."

Most Mums and Dads in the audience at the Craufurd Arms gig were long-time metal heads, and so enjoyed being able to share their passion for the often misunderstood genre as a family occasion.

Landlord Jason Hall said the event sold out almost as soon as it went on sale.

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Slay Duggee fan gets face painted at Craufurd Arms gig Credit: ITV Anglia
Crowd at Slay Duggee gig in Milton Keynes this weekend Credit: ITV Anglia

Last year Slay Duggee made headlines in the music press when they released a cover of 'Walking in the Air'. Replacing the Welsh choir-boy vocals with a death metal growl. They've also been championed on BBC 6 Music by legendary DJ Steve Lamacq and performed at the UK's largest independent metal fest, Bloodstock, directly after their Milton Keynes gig at The Craufurd.