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Acid attack survivor Adele Bellis on staying strong five years on

Five years after the acid attack changed her life forever, Adele Bellis is still having laser surgery for the scars. Photo: ITV Anglia

It's exactly five years since Adele Bellis from Lowestoft in Suffolk lost an ear and was left scarred for life in an horrendous acid attack ordered by her ex-boyfriend. The man who threw the acid is now free after serving just two years behind bars. But Adele still spends much of her time in hospital. Natalie Gray reports.

It's 5 years to the day since Adele Bellis had acid thrown over her while waiting for a bus in Lowestoft in Suffolk. Yet this smiley young woman is so grateful to be alive. Even though every five weeks she has to go to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford for painful laser surgery.

"I remember everything like it was yesterday. I've kind of got no emotion . I don't really get upset or think about that day or get angry because I just think what's the point of getting angry because it's done with . The only way to go forward is just to be positive."

– Adele Bellis
Adele Bellis soon after the acid attack in Lowestoft 5 years ago. Credit: Contributed.
Anthony Riley who is serving life for the attack on Adele Bellis. Credit: Contributed.

Jason Harrison who threw the acid at Adele is already free although his evidence helped convict her ex Anthony Riley who got life.

"The first few seconds I thought he's just chucked water on me and I've got to go to work with wet hair . That was the initial thing of ...I can't go to work with wet hair and then a few seconds later it was just burning and I kept saying I'm melting, I'm melting . I instantly knew that my ear was just burnt off.

– Adele Bellis

Adele continues to work as a beautician. She is also an author and an inspirational speaker.

And her advice to anyone in a relationship that does not feel right, get out quick.

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