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Health Secretary targeted by no deal Brexit billboards

West Suffolk MP targeted in billboard campaign Photo: PA

No-deal Brexit warnings from Government ministers are being placed on billboards around the country.

The ads, put together by anti-Brexit campaign group Led By Donkeys, contain warnings against a no-deal departure from Suffolk MP Matt Hancock and his colleagues Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan and Jo Johnson, and are presented in the style of official Government posters.

One billboard attributes a quote to Mr Hancock, saying "we cannot guarantee that people will not die as a result of a No Deal Brexit."

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He was reported to have made a similar statement in a Cabinet meeting last year.

Another reads "if we leave without a deal then there will be significant costs to our economy and in particular to farming and food production," which Mr Gove, who campaigned for Brexit alongside now Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was reported to have said at the National Farmers' Union conference in February.

The campaign, which has seen 20 billboards erected so far this week, is designed to counter a reported £100 million no-deal advertising drive by the Government.

"Ministers fear a crash out No-Deal Brexit could cause job losses, shortages of fresh food and medicine, an increase in organised crime and even death. We're letting the public know because Johnson and Gove won't."

– Led by Donkeys