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Stormzy will pay for two black students to attend Cambridge University

Stormzy started the scheme last year Photo: PA

Stormzy has announced he will cover the university costs of two more Cambridge students.

The grime artist will pay the tuition fees of two black students.

He will also continue to fund the studies of the first two students helped by the Stormzy Scholarship who are now entering their second year of study.

The Stormzy Scholarship is aimed at supporting people from minority backgrounds who have earned a place at the University of Cambridge. The rapper hopes the scheme will help address the low number of black students who attend Oxbridge institutions.

So far, Stormzy, who recently headlined Glastonbury, has been self-funding the cost of the scholarships but he hopes that other funding methods can be found in the future so that the scheme can continue to grow.

The identities of the students supported by the scheme have been kept secret to ensure they have a normal life during their studies although Stormzy is said to keep track of their academic progress.